30 December 2014


It was waiting in the distance
A ridge at the edge of the horizon
An olive grove, I thought

It took years for me to get there
Walking a little each evening
Mildly curious, expecting nothing 
My careless drifting across the landscape

Later at home I found the gash
Slicing its way over existing scar tissue
I let my fingers touch it
It was exquisite  a secret wound

I would nurture this one
Drape it in all my intricate finery
Bandage it with black laces
Read to it from ancient story books

What beautiful olive trees I said
Staring from the periphery

I spied flames somewhere at heart’s centre
A blaze was raging
Radiating heat and a multi-hued riot
Burnishing the path and the stones beyond

A scattering of newborn stars
Caused the fire to appear striking
Its veins hypnotizing in the twilight 

Masterful thief 
A firedancer waits in the grove

01 December 2014

Unrequited Funeral

I am the widow dressed in black
Taking a funeral q.d.
My tears always neat in place
I light a candle to squandered love,
Follow my coffin at a slow pace,
Shrug and wave as it descends 
A little deeper every day

I got rooster as a pet
To wake me at the break of dawn
Stop dreaming widow, he’ll screech
We have a funeral today

I drizzle us with my perfume
Give us a polish and a shine
He grabs my leash, and off we go
Bless that rooster, he's my valentine

Asleep maybe I'm happy - awake I mourn
The loss of the man I never had