08 June 2019

Like Magic

On the forehead
At each cleansed cheek
Upon the hands

I claimed the habit,
I learned.
My cloak threaded with silence
Notes beneath confined

courteously reduced —
words supplanted

17 March 2018

Anxious Times in New York

that anger shivered like an autumn leaf
as the angler celebrated his pyrrhic victory

paths diverged to opposite sides of the day
and wounded by the barb

yes, I glimpsed backwards
as you may have surmised

to a strut, to a stroll,
to a cup of coffee tall
and the plaid hips she had

08 March 2018


Snowdrops in snow
An anthology of them
At the clearing a wind howls
The sound reiterated

I observe plant’s growing habit 
Stem piercing earth

A petal has been detached 

Fantastical visions — snow falling
Light brushings — a passing stroke

I reach for spectacles: 
Our world is revealed 
Less placid more silent

Crowded snowdrops in bud in snow
And one page, one, one page

02 October 2017


Nature isn’t graceful. Beautiful or fearsome it twists us in knots; let us then be sinuous
as a thunderbolt is, as a riverbank, the limbs and twigs ‘neath our flesh, as meaning is — not easy but sinuous

I saved up all I was, hadn’t done, not yet killed, forgotten games I had played, and whose fine afternoon unravelling by the book, both taking both, then you unceasingly perfect, we sinuous 

Sparkling butterfly, sylphlike innocence ensconced and rising lissom on lithe greenery, to you I write. Rose butterfly observe my inkwell: it’s not empty. The dagger’s quill carves sinuous

At early blue, hope is at its weakest: perhaps a slow fall, silent the conscious drowning. Desired hope stays to mix with the day’s sweat and salt, to be inhaled in the lung, to proclaim: beloved, we fearless, we sinuous

Aged from time and weather yet defiant still to what is no:
I am carried to fire in a foreign hearth, a chambered forest, light blooming at night fragrant and sinuous his curls sinuous

I accept everything, I accept nothing. That yes, that no, that something: poetry like love is and isnt resurrection — does it change opinions, bring a change of heart? Lament and celebration, poetry and love: involuted, sinuous