30 March 2015


Mid-March returned with
Grey pearl sky of elsewhere
Familiar the opaque murky essence
Parceled into rectangles
Each pane the same melancholy hue

A solitary hawk
Frequent companion
Of my cloistered awakenings
Circled the oak
Lenses mapping
The barren view

The raptor decides:
A glide, a swerve
A clutch mangles
There is no camouflage for game

Beneath my bedclothes
Till dreams kindle remembrance

I gazed off the starboard bow
Amid the steel blue of depth and height
My vision burning umber
The memory of an impermeable clasp
Unmeasured brightness, unmeasured sorrow

The chaste huntress and the luscious cunt
Slay them
As I am spinning, spinning 
Spinning stained umber

I fall off into the roundness of the earth 

07 March 2015

a poem without verse

each wave at a standstill
petals lightly curved
an abundance of petals
blooming fruit
a poem without verse
evening glimmering
            dream of the vigorous delights

yield to the memory –
how it nearly brushed across your lips
a fragrant sigh,
it was ephemeral
the pleasure, the caress

            of roses, of love