30 June 2015


I garden my remembrances
My roses are speared with thorns
My arms bruised,
My arms welcoming and soft.

A crescent cove, that crease where
Your smile breaks,
A wave unfolding tranquil to shore.

As I plant a bulb or mulch a thirsty root
The long ago casual glances—
No, that’s not true, write true.

Furtive is true, with longing, a sadness, regret
All those are true, never casual, never ordinary.

Always I search for it
In the topography of your face

To go back or reach forward
See you smile into crescent moonlight cove
Linger there for the softest kiss
Hear the sibilant calm wave
Temper the dissonance of time

Its unfolding into sand and silk, and your breath is close.

This if plausible, this wish if granted,

What enchanted flowers grow here.

06 June 2015


The goat was injured.

A winsome, all white
Or all black, smooth fur.
A head injury
A small swollen spot
Covering the sanguine rush

She died.

We got ready to bury her
Some bones were shattered
Not ours

Cuddling into it her death 
Soon she passed out of memory

It's more peaceful this way,
The goat telephoned to say.

05 June 2015



Under earth chambers
Stairs and carved stone
The sphinx waited — each morsel of soil brushed
Despite the unbearable heat hot heat
Descending surface seek
Even river water is boiling desire heat 
Lips lips melt want
That heat

The powerless sphinx with chiselled face and in awe
We kist in the sleeping room
I am resting my bones
Said the general, a real general, commander of
A lot

I don’t give a fuck
Vibrated the voice of infinity
Your names
Your silk and gold upon mattresses
The titles of a crowning halo
All fineries all spoils bishops and queen  
Checkmate (it always ends in checkmate)

The only rules that apply are mine
Plus permanent suffering
Everyone’s are gonna get brittle eventually
Deossification? Diagenesis? Dust?

I love the energy

Dusting particles in my back yard

The weaklings think fear
The strong need weaker game


          And will continue to be.
          What change? 
          What change?
          Never change
          This is the way I love you

          And will continue to be.
          What change? 
          What change?

          Never a change

This is the way to Olympus

The tumulus curves like a wedding cake with a lion on top
Who swallowed the bride and groom
These things happen no need to be innocent about it why are you crying
Little girl old girl why are you crying
Below as beyond
Turbulence and chaos and a black hole

The buried virgins tall and amply carved turned into marble
The matriarch  was mortal after all
The general’s family was bludgeoned to death
The horse was cremated but its spirit lives on
The baby died: Megalocephaly

It was a beauty to behold 
For the noble and courageous grand style

I’ll remember you, promised us infinity
I will make sure you get a workout particle
By particle by particle by particle 
By particle by parti—
Parts in synthesis, you do you understand me?

It will be magnetic but without purpose
Exists where gravity
The shape of infinity moving through static 
            There is no limit to infinite love no
            Boundaries to boundless patience
            There is no limit to infinite love

            That’s such a lovely song sing it again

            There is no limit to infinite love no
            Boundaries to boundless patience
            There is no limit to infinite love