20 February 2016

Listen up later

Later, later, later, much later, later.

There will be more, later

Later is getting later, later

Later will not accommodate the later

Because later doesn't come even when it's later later

And you know the ethilon later the cloaked later the stapled. 

Feats of later I feast on later fist of later

Mute later, no, no, not this, this is a later

Gift of later arriving later eeease of later is

Too to ease unhurriedly onto later

Junky does like some junk later

Mollify with later

Vein vain later

Wish I could help.

05 January 2016


One by one words lifted off the page to stretch out in front of me

each word life, 
a heartbeat, 
and each heartbeat your whisper

In my dream they transformed into images.

reach a bit farther
appearing effortless to keep

... as the canvas I once fell in love its beauty cut just enough 
I allowed the pain to remember the grace

Freely, as brushing your forehead 

weightless kissing 

With my fingertips