01 December 2014


I go to a funeral every day,
I am the widow dressed in black.

With tears always neat in place
I light a candle to squandered love
Follow the coffin at a slow pace
Garnering time to embrace  
All of the ache and the waste.

I watch the coffin, it descends
A little deeper every day. 

I got a rooster as a pet
To wake me often in the night
He screeches so that I won’t dream
And when I sleep, Morpheus is blind.

The rooster wakes me up at dawn
When my sealed sarcophagus appears
“Let’s go, widow,” they'll say,
“We have a funeral today.”
I douse them with my perfume
Give them a polish and a shine
After all, for me they keep
Unanswered love, spent valentine.

I watch that coffin, it descends
A little deeper every day

Deeper and deeper the descent
I grieve for lost love every day
I snap each bud of hope that's born
To bury it in heavy clay.