06 November 2014


Oh, lover, you have aimed at my heart, left me
To howl like a beast caught in a hunter’s trap.

Crushed from the weight of hopelessness
I feel

Bones smashed, flesh torn, my body broken,
Broken by lovemaking that does not heal.

My arms are

Outstretched, empty, craving your embrace
Yet you’ll not come 

I cannot escape from abyss to find passage to your heart
My movements futile labor, all measures a step back
To the backwoods 

Backwoods sequester me, wild nature grows round me:
I see clouds rush, shadows appear, an umbra obstructs sunlight
Yes, home; and I hear the wind lash upon the weeds 

I speak to you
Of love

You, a phantom now.  Only my echo sounds your reply,
A whispering of my own words, filtered, distorted: 

Nest in your trap, gnaw raw your wounds, the hunter

The hunter left these woods.