23 July 2015


Venus is brilliant in the evening sky

One, two, flying low to ground
June fireflies
Tomorrow will be very hot
The garden is mulched and watered
I have a garden
The rose bushes trimmed after their first flush
There was no mail I checked multiple times
I’ve been wearing my straw hat, it’s good protection.
From the sun.
Sometimes I forget I have it on 
I wear it late into the night

Half past midnight 

Going out to check on Venus 
Where are you?

It hurt, it hurt beyond hurt
One pain with multiple names

Eventually I lost control
I left them unmended

I drifted toward the shadows of life
The haunted corners 
Catalogues of arid days:
You’ll come back they said 
And I did

Sometimes vapour
Escaped from memory
To be distilled in dreams 
     He is smiling — I am happy
     The earth is freshly tilled
     Upturned land fragrant
     A cypress overlooks

At daylight, the vivid colours bleached

Now home is here
A hearth apart 

I exist
I abide