03 November 2014


oleander profusely
around the town square
along the marble paths
red oleander flower petals
on the pavement.
breeze of the afternoon
rambles along,
marigold’s pungent musk the
spray lifting from the fountain
stray with the breeze of the afternoon.

from nature,
emanating from its source
a sacrament ascends:

at the fountain
the water endless pours 
cool and clear and cleansing
into the basin,
too shallow for a swim
but nice there to drown
oppressive thoughts- effortless
to rekindle tranquil ones-
overflows the marble lips, nearly,
always finds the exit path
a mouth sliced in the stone
liquid treasure flowing,
greening cobblestones,
slippery the moss.

women bound homeward with
loaves, black bread sesame bread
farmers led by thirsty burros,
who toil and suffer and cry aloud
till death worked to death,
children who drink too often
to be thirsty,
poets who drink often
and are thirsty still
for pellucid, diaphanous water.

poets in patchwork skirts and lace
poets in faded denim bristled face,
muscles firm with resolve
lips marble, nearly,
till quenched, till loved,  
poets eager at the fountain
treasure flowing from source-
torrid the harmony of the earth-
but grateful roots,
nothing parched

blooming oleander
sunburst marigold
water endless