14 November 2014


Sometimes I think about cauliflower ...

When I am alone
Daylight or dusk

My friends say I should give it up
One friend in particular, she is vehement:
Cauliflower again? she’ll ask

I don’t know if she is wrong or right
That’s something I truly cannot grasp

Although I’ve tried

To understand

Her point of view

Over my desk at work
I have
A poster of a beautiful head of cauliflower!

Cauliflower can be made into soup
Or a purée with almond milk and avocado oil
Add salt and white pepper
Use black pepper if you don’t have white 
Freshly ground, a must these days

I don’t need no cauliflower posters at home
Where cauliflower thoughts
Can ramble free and unrestrained

And there's no evanescence
To these thoughts nor
Can they be


To another vegetable

The only negative thing
I have to say about cauliflower
Is that it’s a lot like love:

When love or cauliflower stink
One tends to gasp
And want to clear the air

July 19, 2014