23 July 2015


It hurt; it hurt beyond hurt

Where does it go when it hurts like that
One pain with multiple names

Try to keep afloat – feasible for a while – illusions
And thespian supremacy
Eventually, things begin to chip in spots
Cracked china
How many times can porcelain be mended?
Instead, drift toward the shadows of your life
The haunted corners, catalogues of arid days:
You’ll come back they said, and it was truth.

Choke it into sediment
Some vapour, cold and cloudy
Will escape from memory

     To be distilled in dreams where he is smiling
     And I am happy.
     The earth is freshly tilled
     Upturned fertile land fields of fragrance
     A lone cypress overlooks

At daylight the vivid colors slowly bleach, I am awake.

But Venus is brilliant in the evening sky

One, two, flying low to ground, June fireflies.
Tomorrow will be very hot.
The garden is mulched and watered
I have a garden
The rose bushes trimmed after their first flush.
There was no mail I checked multiple times.
I’ve been wearing my straw hat it’s good protection
From the sun.  Sometimes I forget I have it on,
I wear it late into the night.
Half past midnight.  Going out to check on Venus gone

So late.  Where are you?
Strawberry moon, cloud swaddled moon,
Alight on the wings of heaven, sleep.
Tonight is 
Is alabaster is blind.

I stand marveling at the spear’s preciseness
Each revolt was ruinous
My alliances have been ruinous.
From the sepulcher 
From flesh and stone enclosures
I will salvage one memory – my treasured gift:

     The intimate whispers of a soft wind

All else can stay.

Now home is here
In any garden, any grove
A bed of kelp, bouquets of seaweed
A hearth apart from tooth and claw
The polished warriors
Do they know me that I exist still

I exist
Where reason and order evolve and modify
Here I stand, set free
I abide