30 November 2014


Ruby from the glass
I wait to hear you,
Come sing
Croon a tune
A jazzy boozy bluesy one
They’re the best
Give me a tempo
In sanguine, flaming mode
To the lub dub
Lub dub
To the lub dub sounds
Of my heart
Keep time with them
Your voice has an
Hypnotic tone
I need that fix
Just as I need the
The torture of absence
And silence
So jump to it man
My man
Bring the brandy wine,
Vintage port
I have decanted
And bring me your song
Jump to it lest I begin
To sing
I sound like Blossom Dearie
On crack
But still,
I can’t resist belting out a tune
Out of tune
Something of hers,
For example
I can’t resist
I believe the lies of handsome men.

Truth be told
The most excellent songs
Have a beat
Of music
So for now
Forgo the music
And speak
In ardent tone
Of mysteries
In unrhymed
Metered rhythms
Of riddles in verse
Decide on the pages
Your choice love
My love
And read to me
With emollient tongue
Or forgo the book
And read
From the heart
Subjects you know
By heart
I wait, I smile
I listen
Read to me
A recondite portamento
You have scribed about love.
A kiss,
Not softly,
And read
Sweet to me
Again, again
My love.

I favor and fear
The intimate
Eloquent offspring
Of your contemplation
Lovely like falling in love
Is your issue
But enigmatic too,
And bruising in spots
No irenic introspection
From such a genial man
Your geniality is not
But sometimes will nap
On Hypnos’ lap
Forgetting to chain
The turbulence
Protected beneath.
Speaking figuratively
I’ve felt your bite
And remember my fall
As you pulled on the rug.
But you did it
With bruising grace
And so I’ve given you
My bruised grace
Genial man
My genial man.

My genial man
I look up
The riotous beauty of
A mackerel sky at evenfall
I lower my gaze
I see
The atmosphere reflected
On the rippling water beneath
I imagine
During such moments
I imagine
I am with you
That is your beauty,
The riotous beauty of
A mackerel sky at evenfall:
Sanguine, flaming
Enigmatic and provoking.
A mackerel sky portends
Of change and storm
I’ve seen the storm within you
The cloud darkening your gaze
But your shoulders are broad
And your will is fierce
And your heart
Your heart
Although burdened
And bruised
Is strong
And poisons the tempest
And remains unshaken
That too is beauty
Your beauty, love.

I close my eyes
I wait, I smile, I listen
My love, my love
Read to me
Your song.